Who is Mark Neal

Great question....

Hi there, thanks for scrolling through the site or clicking the navigation. My name's Mark and welcome to my little slice of online heaven. As you can see i am a photographer, a maker of images, a teller of stories using my camera.

I work in a very systematic way to make beautiful imagery. It can be something as simple as an apple but i want to give you the feeling you could reach out and grab that apple. I try to not to stylise too much, not to over process. I like my imagery to represent the true story of what is in front of me.

From time to time i may throw caution to the wind to create something surreal and different. My skillset allows me to have full creative freedom to be as safe or daring as i choose. Have a look through my site and contact me if you feel like we would make a good fit and create some amazing imagery together.